Planning an event or party is a great deal of work, not to mention you also have the challenging task of getting your home sparkling clean to impress your guests. However, don’t let the thought of cleaning overwhelm you or overshadow your party planning. We have some tips to help you perform this task quickly and easily before your next event or party.

Don’t Think of It As a Chore

When you view cleaning as a chore, then it will be a tough task to carry out. View cleaning as part of your party planning and place it at the top of your daily to-do list. Also, break the cleaning tasks needed to be carried out before the party into small components, which can be done a few hours a day, throughout the week, before the scheduled date of the party. For instance, you can plan to clean your windows at one time, and then plan to clean your floors and walls at another different time. This makes the thought of cleaning much more inviting and you are likely to have more success compared to the tiring option of scheduling an entire day to complete a whole chunk of work.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Instead of cleaning your coffee table and seats first, start with your ceiling or blinds then work your way down to clean tables, chairs, and floors. Otherwise, the dust and dirt from the top will settle on the bottom where you had just cleaned. You should also clean from left to right when cleaning the floor, to make sure that the entire surface is covered.

Have Your Tools Ready

Before you start cleaning, you should ensure that every tool and piece of equipment that you need is within arm’s reach. This preparation of your tools will help you save a lot of time as you will not have to keep rushing away from your task for the brush under the sink, or the bleach in the laundry room.

Have the Right Cleaning Detergents

Some forms of dirt are naturally stubborn and not so easy to clean, such as grease and rust. No matter how hard you try, grease will always end up in kitchen cabinets. Get your kitchen “grease free” effortlessly, before the party by using grease-cutting detergents. Remove rust from your patio, garage floors, and driveways before the big day by using cleaning acid.

Cleaning your home before a party should not be a dread task, especially if you strategize properly, clean the right way and get the right cleaning detergents. Also, if you can find some friends or family members to help, it would ease and quicken the cleaning process. You may also want to reach out to a professional who can get the cleaning job done even more quickly and more thoroughly with their equipment.

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