Yes, a Destination Wedding is Affordable

When you get engaged, dozens of thoughts might race through your mind. Along with all the wonderful visions of your special day, you might also have some concerns about how to pull it off.  As a couple, you’ll need to do some event planning: pick out a location, decide on guests and many other details that will create your magical day.

One idea that been gaining in popularity is the destination wedding. St. George, Utah is still one of the best kept secrets for destination weddings. You and your guests can have a wedding and a vacation getaway in a beautiful region for a weekend or as long as you want to stay.

You might think that a destination wedding isn’t budget-friendly, but you can have an affordable destination wedding if pay careful attention to these details.

Plan Early

Every wedding must be planned well ahead of time so that important details, including flowers and musical entertainment, can be finalized. This same event planning diligence will help you plan an affordable destination wedding. Begin reviewing possible locations and select your wedding destination and secure a place at the venue as an initial step.

Priceless Natural Scenery Sets the Decor

Instead of looking for a venue with a closed-in space, look for a natural backdrop. You want a destination with spectacular scenery to set the feeling of the event.

St. George, Utah is a prime example of a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding. An outdoor wedding is possible nearly any time of year because of temperate weather conditions. Extreme heat and freezing conditions aren’t a worry for you or the wedding party. Gorgeous blue skies and stunning red rock scenery of southern Utah are at your disposal for wedding photos and candid reception images. The spectacular backdrop of several world-famous state and national parks are also within a few hours, including Snow Canyon State Park, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon.  Your wedding will be unforgettable when you incorporate the breathtaking beauty of the natural outdoors into your event theme.

Go Casual in Unique Surroundings

Elaborate wedding dresses and long trains are better designed for formal, church weddings. When you have a destination wedding, you want to match the formalwear to the scenery. With the beautiful landscape in the background, you have the opportunity to plan a casual wedding. Purchase a flowing dress, but without all of the formal embellishments of more expensive outfits. The groom can also stand out as a handsome, casual participant too. A suit without a tie is perfectly suited for this event. The bridesmaids and groomsmen should follow suit with casual wear that reflects the bride’s and groom’s clothing.

Invite Your Closest Loved Ones

When your event planning includes a destination wedding, you’re naturally limited to a core group of guests. Your wedding plans are easier to decide on because only your closest loved ones will be invited to the party. There’s no long-winded discussions about inviting old college friends or your grade-school teacher, for instance. In many cases, you’re paying for their stay at the destination. Everyone understands that immediate family and best friends can be the extent of your invitation list. As a result, you’ll have a more memorable wedding with everyone you care about in attendance.

Local Musicians Provide Entertainment

You definitely want some music at your wedding and reception so take advantage of any local musicians. Bands, solo artists and other performers usually work near many destination wedding venues. Many of them have regular day jobs and play music because they love it so they charge reasonable prices. Ask the venue about local artists or research some selections by going online. The chosen performer can play music that’s native to the area. You can also request certain songs to be played at the event ahead of time. Ideally, you should offer a playlist to the artist so that they know which songs are appropriate or not.

Alcohol Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

To save hundreds of dollars at your destination wedding, provide your own bar. If your guests expect alcohol to be served, offer your own bar instead of renting out the facility’s services. You pay for the alcohol, but it’s not at a marked-up price. Select the alcohol types too, such as wine, champagne or beer. There can also be a limit on alcohol so that guests cannot drink to excess. This reception strategy isn’t noticed by guests, but you will appreciate its budget-friendly effects on the final wedding bill.

Get Creative with Your Cake

You want to have a dessert at your wedding, but creating a huge cake is expensive. At a destination wedding, you can be more creative with your wedding and forgo the traditional cake. Once it is cut and served, your guests will enjoy a high-quality sheet cake just as much as an elaborate tiered cake. A selection of color-themed deserts works well, too. You could even use cupcakes as your cake design. No matter what you choose, you will have a unique take on the traditional photos like “cutting-the-cake” and “feeding-each-other-cake.”  When you hold a destination wedding, off-beat and unexpected creations are part of the fun.

Read Through Inclusive Packages Carefully

The concept of a packaged destination wedding is attractive, but you may not need all of the included features. If you plan an event with St. George Events & Occasions, you have the flexibility of picking and choosing the features you want at the ceremony. Wedding professionals can guide you through the process so that you can have all of the amenities you’ve dreamed about in the past. Take a look at the offered amenities advertised online or speak to a destination expert about your needs well before the event. Proper planning and organization will culminate into an unforgettable wedding.

The Off-Season Benefits

Every destination has an off-season. This season is usually based on extremely hot or cold weather. When you choose a venue in a temperate climate, you can plan a wedding almost any time of year. You can decide what date you want to celebrate every year. You don’t have to limit your date to spring or summer, or around a holiday like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Create a special date that’s your very own.

Think of Transportation to the Venue

Some wedding destinations are just outside of a major city. Airline tickets to major airports are often less expensive than smaller cities and towns. Don’t worry about renting a car because these areas often have regular shuttles running between the airport and the wedding locations. For example, southern Utah is an easy 1.5 hour drive away from McCarran International Airport in  Las Vegas, Nevada and shuttle reservations are always available.

Go Nonstop

If you’re flying to your destination wedding, select nonstop flights for yourself and guests. Nonstop trips tend to be less expensive than connecting flights. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of nonstop travel too. They don’t have to change planes at any point during the trip. Everyone will arrive at the destination with a refreshed mind and body. You may be able to purchase nonstop tickets in large groups if you work directly with the airline, too. Explain your wedding details, and check if the airline can help with any discounts.

Benefits of One Location  

The reason that many people choose destination weddings is that it can be both the wedding and the honeymoon place. Combining these events can save on both travel and lodging costs. Selecting a destination wedding means also means you get to explore a new place as you start your new life with your spouse. Or you can make a favorite destination a place that will always be special to both of you. Either way, you’ll have more time to enjoy the beautiful location that you have selected because you won’t be rushing to leave one place to get to another.

An affordable destination wedding can be in your future, but the time to plan is now. When you narrow down your destination, the planning becomes even easier than you imagined. Professionals can also help you arrange your wedding within your budget, and create an unforgettable experience with beautiful memories.

If you are considering a destination wedding in southern Utah, don’t hesitate to call us. St. George Events & Occasions is happy to answer your questions and help, however we can.

What is a Destination Wedding?